Mixed Martial Arts

Coach Kurt heads this specialized adult MMA class on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6pm.  The class will take place on mat 2.  For current KPMMA members, this class is apart of our Combat Athlete Program (CAP), please inquire in the office when you are eligible to be invited to the CAP.

Our mixed martial arts class is for the person who has aspirations to one day join our professional and amateur fight team, but also for the casual MMA fan whMixed Martial Artso would like to be more educated in the MMA game along with improving their physical fitness!  This class is taught by our head academy instructor and 13 time UFC veteran, Coach Kurt Pellegrino. Students will learn the fluidity and movement of what comes after a ‘clinch’ situation.  Students will work off our 30 feet of cage paneling and learn how to gain superior positioning and eventually score a takedown. The student will learn how to gain superior ground position, learn the technique of ‘ground and pound’ and work to ‘finish the fight’.   This is not a beginner class.  To participate in this class, it is required that you have a minimum of 6 months in our Kickboxing II/Muay Thai class and have a blue belt in BJJ if you do not have any previous MMA experience.  Coach Kurt will exercise his discretion in certain instances.  MMA gloves will be used in this class and can be purchased in the office.