Muay Thai Kickboxing

Muay Thai KickboxingThai Boxing traditionally known as Muay Thai is the national sport of Thailand and the fighting art of ‘eight limbs’. Considered by many as the toughest fighting style of all martial arts. Within these classes you will learn to punch, kick, knee, clinch and elbow, as well as most importantly defending yourself.

The classes vary and no two classes are the same.  After a warm up and some shadow boxing, the main element of the class may involve padwork/bagwork or technical paired combinations.  Some classes may focus on one specific technique, others may involve all techniques.

Our kickboxing program offered at Pellegrino MMA is available to members age 13+. and the program begins with developing a firm grasp of traditional Muay Thai fundamentals and achieving a high level of physical flexibility, strength and fitness.

As students advance, they will learn progressively complex techniques and eventually be presented with the option of participating in advanced sparring sessions. Students who are qualified and interested will also have the option of representing our academy in full-contact Muay Thai events throughout the tri-state area.

Class training includes:

-Shadow Boxing
-Heavy Bag work
-Pad work with traditional Thai kicking pads and boxing focus pads
-Technical drills with partners
-Light contact sparring
-Plyometric, sprinting, endurance and strength training exercises

Pellegrino MMA offers different kickboxing classes according to skill level for both adults and children.