Jeff Eisenberg

Mr. Eisenberg has an extensive and diverse security background. He has directed special event security for Circle line Cruises in New York City, directed emergency room and psychiatric emergency response at Mountainside hospital in New Jersey; and has done VIP and executive protection in both the corporate and television worlds in the New York area. As a private investigator, he has clocked thousands of hours doing covert surveillance; and as a tactics instructor, he has trained numerous personnel from Federal, State, and municipal agencies. In creating Eisenberg Conflict Resolution Systems, Mr. Eisenberg has created training and consulting in the appropriate use of force for all fields that are in a setting where it’s employees can face a physical threat scenario. These include but are not limited to: Mental health and Psychiatric workers and their support staff, Doctors, Nurses, and their support staff, Teachers, and Social Service workers. He also has developed a modified training in personal and family protection for civilians, including children.

Mr. Eisenberg is a:

• Certified Protection Specialist

• Certified in Police and Security Sciences

• Certified Child Safety Specialist

• Certified Use of Force Instructor

• Certified Law Enforcement Tactics Instructor

• Certified Baton Instructor

• Certified Handcuff Tactics Instructor

• Certified Restraint Tactics Instructor

And has additional protection certifications in:

• Advance Work

• Close Quarter Tactics

• Electronic Surveillance

Mr. Eisenberg has trained agents from:

• The United States Marshall’s

• The Massachusetts State Police and Local Municipalities

• United States Postal Inspectors

• Corrections USA

• NJ State Police and local Municipalities

• Virginia State Police and local Municipalities

• NJ State Corrections

• Ny City Corrections

• NY State Corrections